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About the Show

Rise of the Rulelord is not your typical TTRPG podcast. It's not an actual play, and I don't have a co-host to chit chat with. Rather, it's all about teaching you how to play Pathfinder Second Edition, in as fun a way as I can make it!

I use jokes, music, sounds, and jokes to bring the rules of Pathfinder to life! As much as possible, I also love to bring in the PaizoVerse with C.U.P. voice overs, interviews, collaborations, and shout outs. Make sure to subscribe on your podcatcher of choice for new episodes when I get around to making them!

Who I is

My name is Pete, a playboy Oregonian bureaucrat by day, and masked GM and podcaster by night. I love to run Pathfinder, whether it's for Pathfinder Society or at my home table. I've also been a mod on r/Pathfinder2e, head organizer for both Beginner Box Days and Third Party Kon, and a contributor on several 3rd party books, most notably Monstrous Beasts by Eldritch Osiris Games.

Affiliate Shows

Tales from the Rulelord

I re-enact Paizo web fiction using music, sound effects, and my college try at voice work.

Review of the Rulelord

Podcast: I review Paizo Products with 3 hero points for player options, GM support, and overall quality

YouTube: Co-Host Beth Perrin and I review third party classes for Pathfinder 2e as though they were Paizo official.

Rulelord Unchained

I interview creators about exciting new Pathfinder 2e products or talk about areas of TTRPG expertise guests want to share.

Future episodes will be YoutTube Exclusive

Ashen Snow

Hosted by Skald's Tale Entertainment, I GM an actual play of Gatewalkers with players Aubrey Knotts, Christopher Rondeau, Archedas, and Misfit.

Community Use Policy Voice Over

As a content creator who utilizes Paizo-related material for non-commercial use, I need to include a small disclaimer in my podcast. However, I'd love it if it included you! Each episode needs to include a reading of Paizo's Community Use Policy. How can you get involved? Either email me a recording of you reading the C.U.P., or click the button below to go to the Spotify for Podcasters voicemail tool. 

Remember to first introduce yourself, pitch a project, and/or say hi to your group!

"Rise of the Rulelord uses trademarks and/or copyrights owned by Paizo Inc., used under Paizo's Community Use Policy ( We are expressly prohibited from charging you to use or access this content. Rise of the Rulelord is not published, endorsed, or specifically approved by Paizo. For more information about Paizo Inc. and Paizo products, visit"

Make sure to end with "Don't Let the Rules Rule You!"

Interview on the Podcast!

Do you have a Pathfinder 2e or TTRPG system neutral third party product you think would make a great addition to player's tables? Set up an interview for us to talk about it!

Support the Show

Regarding Sponsorships and Collaborations

I don't do sponsorships. Tried it, didn't like it. Except if you're Demiplane. I will sponsor the hell out of Pathfinder Nexus. HMU. 

Otherwise, if you are a creator in need of a push, check out the C.U.P. voice over or lets set up an interview to talk about your Pathfinder 2e or TTRPG system neutral project. I also love to work with other shows, such as Double DM, Secret Nerd Podcast, Slovenly Trulls, and BadLuckGamer. My interview times above are also my availability to come onto your show as a guest if you want. Would be super jazzed to be a guest on your actual play or run a Pathfinder scenario for you!